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Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri: Manchester United wouldn't have beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri insists that Manchester United would not have beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, if the game had gone on as planned.

The Blues are on a rough patch of form whereas Sir Alex Ferguson's men are yet to be beaten in the Premier League this term, but the Frenchman still believes that the Red Devils would have struggled in London.

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MasterGuru4957d ago

Keep talking while you can. As far as everyone's concerned, you have still won NOTHING.

sokrates4957d ago

Young kids should hold their mouth shot.

karim4957d ago

Cheeky cheeky Samir,I am wondering what he's gonna say about Chelsea in the next few days.

MasterGuru4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

Oh, the usual.

"Chelsea is not scary anymore"

Or maybe he'll say

"Chelsea does not have as a good a team as Arsenal does"

Or maybe

"Chelsea is only a training center"... LOL

karim4957d ago

LOL Bubble +
I think he'll just say "We're not afraid of Didier Drogba" which is a lie lol

MasterGuru4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )


Maybe he's gonna say:

"Drogba is not as nearly as scary as my friend Chamakh"


Bubs + for you too

KingsCross4957d ago

He needs to say these things- to not pee in his pants:)

4957d ago