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Manchester United will kick on in the New Year - Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher insists that Manchester United will start to put in strong performances in the New Year and continue their tradition of getting better results during the second half of the season.

The Red Devils are currently unbeaten in the Premier League and are top of the table, but have seven draws against their name.

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KingsCross4952d ago

OK: To be honest; That depends all about Rooney. They have taken many points the last matches, but they have not impressed me at all. United with and without a Rooney in shape is a huge diference.

FootballZilla4951d ago

There not impressing but there geting the 3 points all the time

MrTiago4951d ago

Well most of the time, There mostly getting draws.

KingsCross4951d ago

True. They have taken almost evrything the last matches. Still, I think they need Rooney. He is a very impotant element of United. Like it or not.

MrTiago4951d ago

A player doesn't make a team.

Yes Rooney needs to improve but the team as a whole needs to improve.

MrTiago4951d ago

Thats very true KingsCross