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World Football: 25 Worst Misses of 2010

Everyone loves watching blooper reels. In 2010, people flocked to YouTube to see the latest “Worst Miss Ever” by a soccer player.

Field players, goalies and referees all had a hand, or in the keepers’ cases a lack of hands, in the matter: missing the shot, missing the ball, missing the save and missing the call.

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FootballZilla4818d ago

The number one is hilarious lol

MasterGuru4818d ago

Yeah. That was a sitter even I couldn't miss!

sokrates4818d ago

LOL! The guy in the first one just gets what he desevres. Feels nice when he misses!

karim4818d ago

LOL you guys should check out Kalou's miss in the FA CUP FINAL Couldn't believe what I saw