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The Top 50 Ugliest Players In World Football: From Tevez To Rooney To Many

Football – BleacherReport call it the ‘Beautiful Game’. Ironically, however, the players behind the ball aren’t all pretty men.

It’s common to hear off-the-pitch stories about footballers dating models or “hot babes” as BleacherReport call them, but should that sound like a normal thing really? At some point, it’s as if money is all that counts for men to attract women into a relationship since a considerable number of players involved in WAGs gossip can definitely not boast of having good looks.

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FootballZilla4957d ago

Why is nasri like top 4 :/ not that bad comparing to rooney or ribery

sokrates4957d ago

Couldnt care less. What they do is art!

karim4957d ago

Arsenal hater propably and looks like a Chelsea and United hater too

RedDevils4956d ago (Edited 4956d ago )

to be honest why Is Schole or Terry on there? the guy that post this on bleacherreport is pathetic imo But I have LMAO that Nasri is NO.1 ROFL

MasterGuru4957d ago

I don't think these kind of articles are really necessary. I mean, bashing someone because of their ugly looks are really offending.

Imagine Tevez reading this article.

What would he feel? I'm not saying he will because there's too little chances of that happening as he's now busy crying about his family and what-not y'know but still, Tevez didn't ask for that face.

Okay, imagine if you were in his position and you were surfing the internet and suddenly, you came across this article titled "The Top 50 Ugliest Players In World Football: From Tevez To Rooney To Many", how would you feel if you ended up being in the Top 10?

God views us all in the same way whether we are ugly or beautiful, black or white, short or tall, those attributes does not matter at all.

Anyway, "beauty" is a very subjective matter. So this is in no way a "definitive" list.

God_Of_Epicness4957d ago

Your comment is very well thought out I must say.

Beauty is a subjective matter. 'Nuff said.

karim4957d ago

Well said but I don't think Tevez Will Care since he's earning 100K + per week,have a beautiful WAG (or girlfriend) and most importantly loved by fans from Club and Country.

MrTiago4957d ago

I couldn't agree more.

MasterGuru4957d ago

Bubbles for everyone!

I'm in a merry mood right now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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karim4957d ago

Nasri and Essien in this list ? Seriously

MrTiago4957d ago

Sulley Ali Muntari 1st? HOW?

How isnt Ribery or Rooney 1st?

ned_764957d ago

some of these guys r not even ugly, wtf?

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