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Feyenoord Director Leo Beenhakker Slams Chelsea For Poaching Young Defender Nathan Ake

Feyenoord sporting director Leo Beenhakker has expressed his dismay with Chelsea's transfer antics after the Premier League giants lured promising youngster Nathan Ake away from the Rotterdam side before they could offer him a professional contract.

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karim4957d ago

What a hypocrite ! Nathan Ake at the "age of 15" confessed his love for Chelsea and said it would be "A Dream" to play for them and when they come interested to buy him,that's not poaching and it's a no brainer since he's a fan of them

The Hunter4957d ago

But it is always that big clubs snatch a player from the youth acedemys of Holland.. Just becease they are free and they havent even a contract yet at that age! This is not the only one, there are to many clubs who do this shit!

I hope the 6+5 rule will see the daylight one time.. This has to stop!

karim4957d ago

I am not saying that the big clubs don't steal I was just making my poinst about that Feyenoord SD,the kid "Nathan Ake" pleaded for Chelsea to get him and they did,so what's the problem ?