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Jose Mourinho Does Not Have A Problem With Anyone At Real Madrid - Assistant Aitor Karanka

Real Madrid assistant coach Aitor Karanka insists that Jose Mourinho has no problem with any member of staff at the club, amid reports of a falling out with general director Jorge Valdano.

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MasterGuru4954d ago

He may not have any problems with people in Real Madrid but there's a huge problem yet to be solved with the guys at Barcelona!

God_Of_Epicness4954d ago

Lol although he's my hero, I couldn't agree more with you!

KingsCross4954d ago

Mourinho doesnt have any problem. He is the problem... LOL!

karim4954d ago

Jose Mourinho at Porto,Chelsea,Inter Had (and propably still has) a great relationship with staff,players so why would that change at Real? Cristiano,Casillas,Ramos,Carva llho,Ozil and many others praises him always so it's definitely media lies

MasterGuru4954d ago

Yeah, it looks like the Catalan media is trying to cause a stir in the Real Madrid dressing room.

Madrid is quite easy to destabilize so I don't really blame them.

karim4954d ago

If they were with Pellegrini,it would have destavilized quickly but Mourinho is special that's why we (chelsea fans) call him "The Special One" + he admitted of being special and he's right ! He will never let a player split a dressing no matter how important he'll punish him.That's why Chelsea and Porto fans(and propably Inter fans) will always stay in our heart and in the players heart.
So I tell you this : F*** The Media