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Joe Hart 'gutted' as Manchester City waste chance to top the Premier League at Christmas

Joe Hart has revealed his disappointment at missing out on the opportunity to go top of the Premier League table after defeat to Everton on Monday.

Manchester City would have gone one point clear of rivals Manchester United at the top of the table with a win, but instead Roberto Mancini’s side succumbed to a 2-1 defeat against the Toffees on a freezing cold Monday evening.

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FootballZilla4957d ago

they should of stayed focused

MrTiago4957d ago

Agreed, They shouldn't of played Tevez.

FootballZilla4957d ago

they thought they had an easy win with everton but the didnt

MrTiago4957d ago

Yes but Tevez wasnt focused on the game...

He was focused on the fan reactions to his actions.

The Hunter4957d ago (Edited 4957d ago )

Please edit your comments if you want to say more! You got 15 minutes or so to edit a comment.. This is just lame to get your newspost more heat.. (I know it is yours)

Sorry for the offtopic, but I wanna say this..

karim4957d ago

Wasted opportunity and a very shaky defense,David Luiz is the solution for you and Milner and Barry are Over-rated

MrTiago4957d ago

More player won't resolve anything,

The need too fix the line-up and sell player that they don't use.

karim4957d ago

They need to sell Barry,didn't do anything for the club and loses possession a lot

RedDevils4957d ago

Jo, Barry, Batoletti are all useless, they should let Bellamy in the team, Adebayor should be allow to play, come to think of it there so many thing wrong with this club beside their Sugar Daddy