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UK's Top 10 Transfers of the Season so far

Us football fans are lucky enough to have three Christmas Days per year. As well as the traditional December 25 celebration, we also wait with bated breath for the closing of the transfer window at the end of both August and January.

We are greeted with presents on all three occasions, with some becoming more appreciated than others.

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karim4428d ago

Van der Vaart ! The best signing IMO
There's also Hernandez,Chamakh and maybe Y,Toure but the others are better

zico4428d ago

Van Der Vaart, no doubt!! Great player! And very important for Sprus

MrTiago4428d ago


Wheres Hernandez or Chamakh

karim4427d ago

Agree but if you look at Arsenal and Man United,they have a very good team but the players that were chosen are players who shone for weaker teams and not already known (excluding VDV and Gallas) so I think it's a decent list but those two deserve a honorable mention at least