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Manchester United to face Barcelona in pre-season friendly

Manchester United will take on Barcelona next summer after the Spanish giants announced plans to return to the United States for their summer tour in 2011.

The clubs last met in the Champions League final in 2009 when Lionel Messi inspired Pep Guardiola's men to a memorable 2-0 victory in Rome.

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MasterGuru4246d ago


Enough has been said!

ad4mb4246d ago

yeh cause that has much to do with a friendly.

And im guessing you have forgot scholes's goal? yeh we ended up winning it that year too...

MasterGuru4246d ago

We'll always be better than United.

We're the best team in history like it or not.

... I'm waiting for you to reply about how we're "overrated"... so go on...

ad4mb4245d ago

lmao, your a tool. and saying we'll always be better then united proves it, you never know whats going to happen and inter were better then you last year so suck it.

oh and whether your the best team in history is debatable and not fact. enjoy christmas child and maybe your mums got you that barca T'shirt you have always wanted.