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The good, the bad and the ugly of football in 2010

A look back at the highs and lows of a memorable year

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karim4952d ago

In the bad : Drogba can't be consider in the "failed" list in the World Cup since "he broke his arm" before the tournament and he returned half-fit in the tournament + he scored two (1 incorrectly ruled offside).

I agree with the good and ugly list
Messi in the other hand should have his own list : The phenomenon list

zico4951d ago

Well said, I am agree with you Karim

MasterGuru4951d ago

I agree with you.

Though the same could not be said to the author because in my opinion, Messi should not have been on the "pre-World Cup superstars who flopped in South Africa" because from what I saw, Messi was simply phenomenal.

He was the best Argentine against Nigeria. Ask Enyeama. He hit the post once in that match.

He was the official Man Of The Match against South Korea. He gave 2 assists and 2 "assist of an assist". Thus, getting involved in all 4 goals.

Against Greece Argentina left it late, 2-0, on goals by defender Martin DeMichelis in the 77th minute and forward Martin Palermo in the 89th. Argentina had control of the game, with a 22-7 advantage in shots and a 10-1 edge in corner kicks. Messi is named Man of the Match. Messi gave out 1 assist and hit the post TWICE.

Against Mexico Messi had a fairly quiet game but still managed to get his name on the stat sheet as he assisted Tevez for an offside goal. Though it must be said that if Tevez did not head the ball in the first place, Messi would have had a goal. Tevez won Man Of The Match. Messi hit the post once and assisted once more.

Against Germany we all know what happened but in case you've forgotten, Messi was the only Argentine who was trying to score unlike Tevez who did not even manage to run.

In the end Messi was nominated in the Top 10 Players of The World Cup and to me, he had a fairly decent campaign.

karim4950d ago

Don't think Messi flopped in South Africa,it's just that people had incredibly high expectation for him.
He made lots of assists and should have scored a hat-trick against Nigeria (that keeper was a hero) and against South korea he was unlucky but made some assists.
So Messi had a "decent" world cup but not a good one by his high standards