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England Refuse To Enter The Legends Tournament In Russia

International football tournament 'Legends' has announced via their press service that England has officially refused to take part in the 2011 tournament set to be held in Moscow, Russia on January 29.

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karim4253d ago

They're still bitter they lost the WC to russia

no_more_heroes4253d ago

they say that's not the reason, BUT its hard not to be paranoid. Given how they've reacted to losing it, I wouldn't put it past them.

karim4253d ago

Agreed,the England representative wanted to quit after what happened an lots of other things and the fact that's it's in Russia make it a lot more revealing

MasterGuru4252d ago

FIFA is obviously very corrupted. It's so darn obvious, but you can never deny the fact that England is still butthurt about the World Cup bid.

karim4252d ago

But we can all admit the English media had a part about them losing their impressive Bid

FootballZilla4252d ago

Seriously though England just think that there better that every other country even if it was Portugal/Spain it would be the same thing, England are just crybabys