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Ibra threatens Guardiola and not signing with Milan

According to a ONA fm‘s la Graderia program last night, loaned-out Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has threatened not only to refuse to sign his full transfer agreement with AC Milan – which was agreed upon last summer with FC Barcelona – but also sent out a warning to FC Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola

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MasterGuru4959d ago

The idiota and the philosopher.

karim4959d ago

This is getting ridiculous "I will give him a blackout" we now he can fight (just look at the kick he gave to Materazzi) but why telling it to the press...They should go confront each other man to man and settle their differences (or beat each other up :P)

MasterGuru4958d ago

Pep will NOT fight anyone. He is a known gentleman in Catalunya and just by reading his pre-game interviews, you'd know he's a very humble man.

So I don't see him "fighting" Ibrahimovic.

God_Of_Epicness4958d ago

Yeah, Pep is not very aggressive on my book. At least he doesn't seem so.

karim4958d ago

Yeah he is a gentleman but I think he'd LOVE to knock out Ibra

MasterGuru4958d ago

He won't karim. He never would. He's not the aggressive kind. He didn't hit Solbakken when the idiot went ballistic at Pep so I don't know why he'd hit Zlatan who only dares to talk from behind the scenes but chickens out when face-to-face.

KingsCross4958d ago

wont happen! Zla has always been full of shit. He´ll set out some Roomers about Barca and Pep- wich I guess Pep wont respond. Hes only concern is football!

RedDevils4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

Pep + Gentleman in the same sentence Making me spill my morning Milk LMAO

presto7174958d ago

Pep will not fight anyone because Pep is a leaking, bloody, stinking p*ssy

MasterGuru4958d ago

@ Presto and RedDevils

Yeah, keep on going. We all know you're just butthurt Barca whipped your team's ass.

Speaking of managers, how is Sir Alex doing?

That bloody wanker just can't stop praising Barca, can he?

Rooney LOVES Barca too.

I guess it's cool to hate the "thing-of-the-moment" ;.

Anyway, nice try RedDevils but you're not gonna fool me. Posting 2 comments with two different accounts on one article isn't very cool.

But I gotta hand it to you, you fooled everyone there. Everyone except me of course.

RedDevils4958d ago (Edited 4958d ago )

go on do an Ip Check see if I have 2 accounts, idiot have nothing sensible to talk and start guessing people have two accounts or not, I assume you have another one in hand yourself to think other had one do you?

Btw Wipe My team ass lol you sound like you just start Supporting Barca since 2006 which make me curious of you being a fucking Bandwagon fan

MasterGuru4958d ago

I don't have two accounts. Only this one. If I did, prove it. Why would I need two accounts? Having two will only lead to time wasting. Something only a Manure fan would do.


Anyway, me being a bandwagon fan? Since 2006?

Yeah, that's the last resort for Premfaces when in discussion with a fan who brags.

It's called earning bragging rights. Maybe when Man United win something, you can do something similar. IF they win anything and that's a big fat if.

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God_Of_Epicness4958d ago

Couldn't this guy just shut his trap? He is overrated.

Hapoel4958d ago

He talks way too much I agree but he is NOT overrated. One of the few players in the world who can dribble past 5 players in the world... He did that when.......................... ......ermmm...... Couldn't remember... nevermind...I agree, he's overrated...

RedDevils4958d ago

You don't need to dribble past 5 guys to consider not Overrated, Look at Van Basten does he dribble pass 5 guys ever I don't think so, but he is one of the world best of all time

karim4958d ago

It was his goal of the season....with AJAX.
Zlatan isn't over-rated he just doesn't care.
A day you'll consider as one of the best in the world.
and in another one A flop.
But he is a very good player

sokrates4958d ago

I agree. Zlatan is amazing when in shape.

donb4958d ago

I think Zlatan is an amazing footballer. He is just to much off field.

God_Of_Epicness4957d ago

He is way too overrated I think. What did he do with Barca last year with the kind of squad he had?

Xavi and Messi were supplying chance after chance but he failed to convert. I know because I watched him last year.

And it's safe to say that he is definitely not the 70 million kind of player his agent claim he is.

Maradona4958d ago

zlatan is zlatan. let him be himself. Football is nothing without him...

11x2Contest4958d ago

Sorry, I am always reading the comments trying to find a winner for "the best comment price". I just need to ask: Football is nothing without Zlatan?

Hapoel4957d ago

Football is nothing without Ibra? WHAT? Please do explain...

Maradona4957d ago

He is just like Maradona. When hes not there, something is missing.

karim4956d ago

LOL,I think football will survive without him

Maradona4956d ago

i think so to, but he is really good to have.And he is top 3 in the world.

karim4956d ago

Top 3 ? Of course not
Maybe Top 10