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ESPN's Global Player of the Year: Xavi

ESPNSoccernet - Sometimes, statistics can obscure. They can disguise shortcomings, flatter reputations or fail to communicate brilliance. After all, no sane critic would judge Pele on the percentage of his shots that hit the target, or rate Franz Beckenbauer on the strength of his ProZone figures. But sometimes, statistics can illuminate, and cold, hard, tangible facts do serve to illustrate just why Barcelona and Spain star Xavi is ESPNsoccernet's Global Player of the Year for 2010. After all, the notoriously self-effacing playmaker is unlikely to sing his own praises. We will have to let his statistics do the talking.

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MasterGuru4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Never has a man shown so much intelligence on a football pitch since Zidane.

Xavi, the engine, the metronome, the playmaker, the illustrator. One of the greatest ever players. Well deserving of this award.

4251d ago