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Chelsea Defender Ashley Cole Warns Premier League Title Challengers: We Are Back

Cole believes that Chelsea will soon be back in full throttle...

Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole has warned their Premier League title challengers that they are on course to returning to their best now that their top players are coming back from injuries.

"We've been disappointing in our last six games and it's a big contrast to how we started the season, but we have a lot of big players back to fitness and it's going to give us a boost," said Cole, according to "Any team who has their top players out is going to be affected

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zico4425d ago

Every top teams has "downs" sometimes in the season. Chelsea now had this, and I think ManU and Arsneal also soon will have this "down".

But it is importent that everybody takes a lot of points in the christmas matches! It is a lot of points to fight for!

sokrates4425d ago

sure. But you cant announce that you are back before they win any matches. That is strange and believing in good luck or Santa Claus...

karim4425d ago

I hope so,now that our "usual" squad is back,we can fire on all cylinders again

KingsCross4425d ago

Chelsea is to good to keep loosing. But you cant predict that they will turn the key right now.

RedDevils4424d ago

first they need show it on the field, starting with the match Against the Gunners

karim4424d ago

Agreed,hopefully Drogba would perform well and terrorize Arsenal's defense