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Arsenal's Marouane Chamakh Aspires To Emulate "Role Model" Didier Drogba

Arsenal striker Maroaune Chamakh has described Chelsea's Didier Drogba as a “role model” and stated his desire to match the Ivorian's form.

The two forwards - both tall, dynamic goal-scorers - may meet on Monday when Chelsea make the trip to the Emirates Stadium as the Blues look to put an end to their recent poor form.

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sokrates4244d ago

drogba is no role model. I remember this match from the picture very well. He was following the referee all over and it looked like he wanted to hunt the referee down.

karim4244d ago

You do realize that we were "robbed" in that game and I am 100% positive that if man united were in our place : Rooney would have beat up the ref if the same situation repeats itself

MasterGuru4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

The mods changed the picture....Wtf? LOL. I wanted it to be ironic that's why I inserted the picture there. LOL.

karim4244d ago

The difference between Drogba and other players,when other players (aka Rooney) make headlines this year it's because they cheated with their wives with a prostitute or something like that.
When Drogba makes headlines : It's because he built Hospitals in Abidja,asking people to donate for his charity against poverty and hunger AND DONATING 3M+ to various charities worldwide.

no_more_heroes4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

you know, come to think of it, as much as Drogba is to us as cheeseburgers are to a lactose-intolerant Hindu, the only negative light I've EVER seen shed on him is that Champions League match. There's hardly any negative press on him otherwise. At least, that I've seen.

karim4244d ago

Champions league matches destroyed his image but his off the field charity work must not be forgotten

RedDevils4244d ago

Yeah Drogba is really is a great person and Player on and off the Field, really great from him doing those charity, he is an Idol for many people in His country that say something

FReeDoM4ALL4244d ago

Drogba is a good role model to aspire to.

Goal machine on pitch and respectable man off pitch.

Arsenal need to get over their mental block on Drogba. I've never seen one team intimidated so much by just one player.

karim4244d ago

Actually Drogba isn't that hated by Arsenal fans,I know many many supporters and some of them kinda like him,it's just that they are "afraid" to face him which leads to their self-destruction

MasterGuru4244d ago

Drogba is an unbelievable striker. Imagine having Etó, David Villa and Drogba as your starting 3 in a 4-3-3 formation. The midfielders would be Ronaldo, Messi, and Xavi. The defenders being Pique, Terry, Alves and Cole and the goalkeeper being Casillas.


Absolutely mind-blowing.


WOW. It may be unbalanced but darn, that's what you call a strike force!

karim4244d ago

That's a dream team any team in the world would love to have theese but I'd prefer to also put a holding midfielder like Essien