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Match of the Year: Barcelona ruins football

"I’ve seen many great games in the EPL this year. I was impressed with a lot of Bayern’s games last CL season. And then there was that World Cup, too.

But the match of the year was undoubtedly Barcelona – Real Madrid, season 2010/11."

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KingsCross4418d ago

I some strange way he has a good point: Barcelona just showed something new- and I am just waiting for it to happen again.

Maradona4417d ago

Agree, something new. And at this time, its only Barca who can show some new magic.

karim4418d ago

The article didn't make any logical sense to me

MasterGuru4417d ago

I LOVED how Barcelona played in El Clasico.

If this Barca is not the best team ever, at least, the El Clasico performance was THE best ever performance a team could give. Sacchi's Milan might have been a better team, but they have never ever played like that on a football pitch before. The way Barca dominated was unbelievable. They were better in every department. Everything. And to do that to Madrid, is just simply unbelievable.

God_Of_Epicness4417d ago

I have to agree with you. The way Barca played that night was out of this world and every neutral would agree with you.

Unless you hate Barca, you would have to agree with me. That is THE best performance ever. Luis Suarez said the same, Cruyff said the same, Rooney said the same, Henok Goitom said the same, Marca said the same, AS said the same, and if Mourinho was not a Madrid manager, he would surely have said the same.

Fact is, after the game was over, the praises never stopped showering onto Barca for the whole week. From legendary players, to the players playing now, to the professional sports journalists, to the NEUTRAL fans themselves.

Mind-blowing game for Barcelona FC.

karim4417d ago

Johan Cruyff "Total Football" played the best football EVER and he passes that to Barca! But Still Cruyff's team performance was just phenomenal...I wasn't born when they played but I watched the videos of their performances