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UEFA's 2010 – a year of serving European football

Another hectic, fascinating and memorable year for UEFA draws to a close – with European football's governing body and its president Michel Platini having continued the mission to further develop and improve the game and its many facets. UEFA has refused to rest on its laurels, and looks back on a 2010 that is packed with achievements.

Preparations for UEFA EURO 2012 have gathered speed as the countdown continues apace. The qualifying competition is throwing up some intriguing results, and unstinting work is ongoing across Poland and Ukraine to ensure a memorable tournament in two summers' time. The late spring also brought joy to France who were awarded the UEFA EURO 2016 final round after a high-quality bidding contest.

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sokrates4952d ago

Honestly, I dont think any of theses men are serving football, but their own wallet. Sorry, but to much knowledge about this f.... UEFA.

MasterGuru4952d ago

Still, there's no proof of them being corrupt.