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Nolito risks Barcelona fans anger: I would sign for Real Madrid

Nolito has risked the wrath of Barcelona fans by declaring he would welcome a move to Real Madrid.

The Barca B star is in advanced talks with Benfica over a Bosman move in the summer.

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MasterGuru4956d ago

Why are you doing this to us?

Most of you wouldn't know who he is, but I can safely tell you that he's the best winger in Barca B for quite some time now. You can check videos of him. He plays like Ronaldo.

I still can't understand why Pep won't promote him.

sokrates4956d ago

Hes playing in Barca B... That might be the reason he is doing this to you.

MasterGuru4956d ago

He's earning more than 500,000 Euros a year just in case you don't know.

sokrates4956d ago

So? Do you think money is why he leaves the door open? I pretty sure not, he wants to play on the highest level. Like evry good player.

KingsCross4956d ago

I thaught you had a lack of brain - at last you write something NOT stupid. I guess there are many players wanting to leave United as well. They are just afraid to tell cause of Crazy Fergie.