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Jose Mourinho: Inter Are The Best Team In The World; Real Madrid Need A Striker

Mourinho dismisses Barcelona once again and asks for reinforcements...
Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho believes that Inter and not Barcelona are the best team in the world. Mourinho won a treble with the Beneamata last season and joined los Merengues in the summer.

Last month the Blaugrana defeated los Blancos 5-0 in the Clasico at Camp Nou to stake their claim as being the best club side in the world, but Mourinho believes that Pep Guardiola's team do not deserve that tag.

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njc4246d ago

What about a return of Raul?

karim4245d ago

Raul is too old but performing very well with shalke

pwneddemocrat4245d ago

i think this season's and for that matter the entire history of Barca speaks for itself ..
oh they also have a freaking SEXtuple, not only 6 tournaments in one season also it has sex in it beat that mournHO

anyways, i admire the guy's tactics but he wont shut up
Bayern should have won the CL they deserved it the most
if only Ribery played
Robben played and killed his wing imagine if Ribery was also there on the other wing
it would have been overkill

you shouldn't have dropped Raul dude..

ad4mb4245d ago

no lol, inter were clearly better last season because of their tactics and ribery was shit against a kid till he got raf sent off so think again before you spew crap.

pwneddemocrat4245d ago

what do you mean tactics?
they bored the shiit out of teams by playing defense all the time then counter attacking lol
call it tactics i call it freaking boring game
anyways, they were not better, Bayern were way better, you're just mad cuz they destroyed you lol
just like they killed man u, if both played they would have killed inter too

ad4mb4245d ago

yeh they destroyed us by winning on goal difference? before you spew crap atleast check up on what your saying because until that red card they had no chance and anyone who watched the game would have known, but I dont care because it was our own fault we lost and no one elses.

They were lucky to get to the quaters and should be greatful they got to the final. but anyway inter killed them and the final was only ever going to be won by inter. Oh and your just mad because they beat barca.

pwneddemocrat4245d ago

lol im not mad they beated barca
cant be mad when the opposite team is playin 10 defenders mate ;)

Rage_S904245d ago

special one has spoken be glad that you are allowed to listen to speacial ones words, praise o'special one *kisses special ones picture*

karim4245d ago

Still,Bayern's defense couldn't have handled Milito/Eto'o