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Extended Highlights: Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea [English Premier League 27/12/2010]

1-0 Song 44'
2-0 Fabregas 51'
3-0 Walcott 53'
3-1 Ivanovic 57'

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sokrates4956d ago

I Love it. I know this is not optimal for United, but theyll win the league anyway:) I love to watch Chelsea loose again! And I hope they continue loosing. Cricis is not off... It just started LOL!

KingsCross4956d ago

Chelsea will be back. The title race ends in may. So laugh now, and I will have some great days in the spring.

The Hunter4956d ago (Edited 4956d ago )

That shot from Nasri was superb! That deserved a goal! Great match, Arsenal the rightly winner.. to bad Karim and everyone who disagreed my Christmas contest bet LOL :P