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Highlights: Liverpool 0-1 Wolves (English Premier League - 12/29/10)

0-1 Ward 56'

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zico4240d ago

Another manager I feel coming....

donb4240d ago

You cant blame the manager.

KingsCross4240d ago

Then, who is to blame? I agree he didnt have the best circumstances with that squad, and all the noise with new owners. But still, he is the leader of f.... Liverpool- and he has some good players in the average squad. He should have done much better. Sack him and get a new one who can deal with the dificulties.

freeduck4240d ago

Yes you can. It is clearly his fault. He played a CM on LM, a right-footed man on the left, played Konchesky instead of Aurelio, and no Agger at all.

He's not Liverpool quality

zeddy20104240d ago

they need to get rid of:


those are some seriously average players and wouldnt get into most teams in the league. they need to sign a target man similar to zamora because they have no one to hold up the ball and its puting more pressure on the midfielders and defenders.

MasterGuru4240d ago

That's it! Roy Hodgson is the worst manager in the game's history.