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430°'s Top 10 long shot bets for 2011

World's first £100m player, Lionel Messi to move to England plus many more.

Some post Christmas crackers to savour for the new year...

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MasterGuru4244d ago

Messi WILL NOT play in England unless his mom's life depends on it.

KingsCross4244d ago

Will never happen. I am pretty sure Messi will play in Barca as long as they wont him. They gave him evrything - now he feels commited. And what a pay back he gives!

MasterGuru4244d ago

Yeah, I agree. Without Barca, he would be standing 4 feet tall above the ground.

MasterGuru4243d ago

Couldn't agree more. He is there for his entire lifetime. But he has also said that he would like to retire in Argentina so I don't know. Maybe when he's 35 or something.

karim4244d ago

The English FA to withdraw from FIFA is NOT a long shot bet it might happen

MasterGuru4244d ago

Won't happen. Why should they? Both of them have a knack for the same thing - corruption.

4244d ago