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So much for youth system: Barcelona have spent €277M during Guardiola era

For all the talk of Barcelona's famed youth system, coach Pep Guardiola has been one of the biggest spenders in Europe during his tenure.

AS says during his time in charge, Guardiola has spent a staggering €277 million on 13 signings - with several flops failing to make the grade, including Alex Hleb, Dmtryo Chygrynskiy and Martin Caceres.

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no_more_heroes4247d ago

Even when they have the best youth academy in Europe they still can't resist scratching that particular pulsating, tumorous itch that wants, nay, DEMANDS them to spend. Goes to show how much willpower (or just sheer, bloody-minded stubbornness) Wenger possesses.

God_Of_Epicness4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Just because they have very good players coming up the youth ranks doesn't mean they won't spend. I bet this bull$hit article was written by a jealous Madridista. Look, you have 1 homegrown player in your starting lineup and Barca has 8. Barca has even more in their first team squad. Madrid has a lot too... like Casillas and........... and............ and.............????


Yeah, Madrid has 1 *good* youth player in their whole team and the 2 or 3 others are bullcr@p players not worthy of being footballers.And Arsenal? They don't use their own youth players. They steal youngsters from other clubs and play them in their B team and when they mature, they play them in their first team. After 5 years, we'd be hearing about how much they "developed" these crop of stolen youngsters and that without them, these youngsters would not be the star they are today even though they were already promising players when Arsenal poached them.


no_more_heroes4247d ago

AS is a Madrid based newspaper, so maybe it was.

Oh, and:
"La Masia, which means farmhouse in English, is a training camp for youth players who originate outside Barcelona."
"La Masia became the residence of young players from outside of Barcelona."

what's your point? Messi is from Newell's Old Boys in Argentina, Iniesta came from Albacete's academy and Pedro is from CD San Isidro in Tenerife. Outside of Barcelona can still mean in Catalonia though, and in that case Arsenal sign most of their youth players from within London. Arsenal's best up-and-coming players are mostly London boys.

That being said, Barca still have more top class, homegrown Barcelona players in their squad than Arsenal or Man Utd have English players from London or Manchester respectively, but that's just one of the reasons why Spain is better than England.

MasterGuru4247d ago

Iniesta came here when he was 12. Messi, 13. Pedro, 16. Xavi, 11.

Cesc came to Arsenal when he was 16 too but you know what's the difference? He DID NOT play in their lower ranks. Pedro, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Valdes, Arteta, Pepe Reina, Puyol, Pique, Cesc, all of them played in our youth categories. Arsenal buy promising youngsters and train them in their B team which is a professional team thus, they should not get recognition because when you sign as a pro, you're not gonna go back to a youth setup anymore. What that means is Ramsey, Cesc, etc etc are not Arsenal "Youth Players". So Arsenal did not "made" them.

With that said, I hope you now recognize the difference between Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere.

God knows how many times I've heard Arsenal fans say Cesc Fabregas was "made" in Arsenal. It's starting to make me sick.

no_more_heroes4247d ago

I know that. I'm not dumb/blind like most other fanboys.

I know that what we essentially did was teach him how to implement what he already knew, not give him the skills to do them, but that's why I'm so exited about Jack Wilshere's generation coming through because it's Wenger's first REAL crop of homegrown, local talent coming all the way through the youth ranks from the very start, the only previous notable one being Ashley Cole. Almost everyone else who became a star/has the potential to become one got most of their education somewhere else first (e.g. Clairefontaine). Henry was picked up by Wenger from he was at Monaco, before losing him to Juventus and getting him back at Arsenal.

karim4247d ago

"So much for youth system" <= Makes the article incredibly biased but it is true.
Who the heck is Martin Caceres ?
All the big teams spend
Barca spent 40M and 70M on David Villa and Ibra
Real Madrid spent a fortune on Ronaldo
And lots of other clubs...That doesn't mean Barca have a bad youth system (They have the best or 2nd)

MasterGuru4247d ago

Martin Caceres is a Right Back for Uruguay. He was signed by Txiki Begiristain (Not Pep's choice, so stop blaming him) and so, he was not given enough playing time by Pep.

And when a player doesn't get enough minutes, he won't be able to prove himself and when he ain't able to prove himself, he'll be deemed a flop and when he's deemed a flop, he's sold cheaply to other clubs.

karim4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Why sign a player without the consultation of the coach ?
+ You have Dani Alves so it was obvious he won't get any time
P:S:I am not blaming Pep (Why should I?)

MasterGuru4247d ago

You wouldn't blame Pep Karim cos you're not a Barca fan so you don't care what Barca's financial status is.

karim4246d ago

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