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In Pictures: The Images That Defined Football In 2010

Richard Parry Writes : As we near the end of another year, UK takes a look back at the past 12 months of footballing action.

We’ve searched through the drawers, checked the cupboards, and looked beneath the sofa to find the images which we feel capture the past footballing year; its highs, lows, and everything in between.

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karim4242d ago

Top 10 memorable things of 2010 for me :
1.Chelsea winning the DOUBLE for the 1st time in their history
2.Jose Mourinho winning the treble
3.Paul The Octopus
4.Spain,Germany and Ghana In the 2010 WC
5.Chelsea beating united twice
6.Barca 5-0 Real Madrid (Total football)
7.Chelsea's 8-0,7-2,7-1,7-0 wins
8.The rise of Tottenham and the fall of Liverpool
9.Gareth Bale (revelation)
10.Florent Malouda/Didier Drogba

MasterGuru4241d ago

1. Paul The Octopus
2. Iniesta's tribute to Jarque when he scored the winning goal (I had goosebumps)
3. Torres' clip against Chile
4. Malouda. He was VERY good during the 09/10 season. Seems to have flopped this season however.
5. Liverpool
6. Messi 47 goals
7. England NT flop
8. Ashley Cole/ JT scandal
9. Ashley winning the idiot of the year award
10. Barca 5-0 Madrid (Nothing can describe this)

karim4241d ago

1.All Chelsea team flopped this season not only Malouda.
2.Ironically,now Ashley's wife is hated by many and slept with a Black Eyed Peas singer (They're even)
3.Xavi saying to mourinho the match was fixed (3-1) and he replied by remember Tom Henning Ovrebo

MasterGuru4241d ago

WHAT????????????????? Cheryl slept with her good friend Will.I.A.M??? Wtf?? I havent read anything on it... I'm off to Google it!

karim4241d ago

Maybe she wants something "new" and "different" for her love life

MasterGuru4241d ago

Karim, I didn't find anything on it... and as I remember, when she was just divorced, she started going out with some gay dancer.. I think his name was Derek Hough... Try check him out... He looks kinda gay to me but oh well, you never know humans...

karim4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Just noticed that in the picture,Drogba looks like he is wearing a bra :P LOL
EDIT: He IS wearing a bra,representing the trophies we won :P Weird