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The Top 10 Spanish saves of 2010

Marca have put together a list of their top 10 saves of 2010, including from the World Cup, featuring the likes of Maarten Stekelnburg, Vincent Enyeama, David De Gea, Iker Casillas, Julio Cesar and Andres Palop.

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karim4242d ago

Unbelievable saves,David De Gea is the next Casillas

MasterGuru4242d ago

Yeah, you should have seen how he played against Barcelona. Unstoppable. But of course against Real, he was a bit different...*clears throat*...

Btw, when you post a match highlight, if the match ended 2-2, do you have to post 4 different videos for each goal or can you just post all in one? Because I'm curious.

karim4242d ago

If you can find all the goals in one video you can post it...Against Real he was incredibly over-confident which costed him

MasterGuru4242d ago

Btw Karim, are you sure this is a top 10? It seems like a top 20 to me... Weird...

karim4242d ago

I don't know,ask Marca

MasterGuru4242d ago

Oh boy! Here comes all the "Top 10's"... Top 10 this top 20 that top 5 this etc etc etc

EatSleepPlay4242d ago

Casillas/Steklenburg saves in the finals were my favourites