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The Top 10 Games of 2010

101greatgoals writes : With just hours before 2011 it is that time of the year to reflect on the past 12 months and choose our top 10 games of 2010.

There has been much discussion in 101 Great Goals HQ about what constitutes a “top game” so for this list we have gone with an iconic match that you will immediately think of when discussing football in 2010.

We may possibly have missed out your favourite match so please do let us know in the comments. And of course wishing you all a happy 2011!

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karim4947d ago

Germany 3 - 2 Uruguay was awesome
Ghana 1-1 Uruguay was one of the all time best WC matches
The final was pretty boring..
In the CL Bayern 2-3 United was the best and Inter 3-1 barcelona is the 2nd best match

RedDevils4946d ago

Germany Trashing Maradona's Team, Haha the ball boy classic :)

karim4946d ago

And THE BALL BOY killed him with the "nervoush" shweinsteiger

zico4947d ago

Barca winning 5-o against Real Madrid was superb.....

karim4947d ago

Total football but a one-sided match from the start

MasterGuru4947d ago

Barca 5-0 Real Madrid.

'Nuff said!

EatSleepPlay4947d ago

Uruguay 1* - 1 Ghana was the best and most dramatic match of the world cup if it wasn't for that penalty miss...

zico4946d ago

Agree, had almost forgot it....but loved the dramatic in this match