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240° : Top 10 Quotes That Sum Up 2010

Michael Yokhin sums up the past 12 months in ten of the best quotes of his choice...

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karim4947d ago

LOL a footballer is allergic to grass
Maradonna calls Muller a ball boy and says that Shweinsteiger is "nervoush" and they were the two best players against them,haha.
“Cruyff and Guardiola should go to a mental hospital together, shut up, and sit down to play cards.” A real war between those two.
And finally an American presenter says to henry "you just won the WC" very good at her job I must say

EatSleepPlay4947d ago

Viva Paul ! I hope he wasn't eaten by Germans Or Argentinas

karim4947d ago

Nahh,I ate him he was delicious

MasterGuru4947d ago

Very funny quotes indeed.