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Grondona dethrones Maradona, picks Messi as best No. 10 in history of Argentine football

Argentine Football Association’s boss, Julio Humberto Grondona, stated that “Lionel Messi is the best number ten (playmaker) in the history of Argentine football”. Thus, Grondona dethroned football legend Diego Armando Maradona, with whom the FA’s head has exchanged heavy fire over the past weeks after the ex player attacked Grondona with some controversial comments.

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MasterGuru4241d ago

Messi is the best player ever. I couldn't agree more with Grondona. Grondona saw both players playing in their day and he picked Messi as the better player. No surprises here.

karim4241d ago

Sorry but can't agree with him at all...
Maradonna single HANDed-ly led an average Argentina team to a WC triumph.
He also won a Serie A title with an unfancied team (Their only title)
And with Barca,they didn't have a great team like the current one but he still one loads of title with them...
Bottom Line : Both are legends but Messi can't be considered better than Maradonna (For a lot of people) unless he wins A World Cup

MasterGuru4241d ago

- No player can single-handedly win a tournament.
- In 1986, Maradona had a good defence to complement him
- Napoli was in their golden era and Maradona was their star player, that doesn't mean anything.
- I don't remember Barca winning anything notable when Maradona was there for ONE season.
- Even if Messi won the 2010 World Cup, people would still not hold him in as high esteem as Maradona. You know that, I know that. There's much more haters now then there was back then.

karim4241d ago

True but Maradonna is also hated by many (Most of them are English)

4241d ago