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Media Microscope: The Top 10 Dumbest Media Comments Of 2010

Seth Vertelney Writes : As soccer gains more visibility in the United States, an increased onus is placed on media outlets to provide coverage of this weird and wacky new sport.

The result: more ignorant Americans saying dumb things about soccer! Because it was a World Cup year, 2010 provided an especially fertile breeding ground for misguided, inane, and erroneous commentary.

As the old cliché goes: It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or to cry. I, for one, choose to laugh; in no small part because it’s provided a treasure-trove of blissful ignorance for my year-end Media Microscope mélange of morons.

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karim4237d ago

Lots of Americans (No offense) says theese dumb stuff,and they wonder why they didn't get the world cup...They hate it