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Highlights: West Brom 1-2 Manchester Utd (English Premier League - 1/1/11)

0-1 Rooney 3'
1-1 Morrison 14'
1-2 Hernandez 75'

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karim4942d ago

Chris Foy is the worst ref in the premier league
Gary Neville should have had red and awarded (which would have been propably missed).
West Brom gave united a very good fight and were really unlucky in the end

RedDevils4942d ago

Agree man, agree, and I can not have any better gift than this, what a disastrous performance from United, very disappointed even though it a win a sloppy one that is

karim4942d ago

Why did Fergie even play him,he's a disaster waiting to happen

Maradona4942d ago

that is uniteds strenght. Have a really bad day at work and wins in the end.

MasterGuru4942d ago


You cannot blame Neville. Ferguson is the one who benched him and if a player doesn't get minutes, he will come off the bench "rusting", y'know what I mean?


I completely agree with you. Every time I watch United win, there must be luck involved somewhere. They're a good team but it doesn't take an analyzer to see that they're playing badly right now yet they're still winning.

karim4942d ago

@MG Gary Neville is NOT United quality...So it doesn't make sense to even play him

RedDevils4942d ago

@MasterGuru if you actually know why the reason he not playing then you probably not pointed your finger on SAF, hes was injured, and his time is past, no pace, tackling was all over the places, out of positions, can't cross there just so many negative that it best he call it a day

presto7174942d ago

3 points secured away from home. Mark of true champions: grind out results while others debate whether you deserved them or not...

Mozilla894942d ago

I have to agree, I've only been watching the Premier League for about 3 years but I swear I've never seen Man Utd go through a rough patch in a season like Arsenal or Chelsea. They always grind out results!

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presto7174942d ago

"Gary Neville should have had red"

Haha. Spoken like a true chelsea fan...Get real bub

Shadow Flare4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

Uh, that was as clear a penalty and red card as you can get. They said that on match of the day as well. Even the man utd assistant manager said in the interview after that the ref made the wrong decision. Seriously, get your head out of the sand. Man utd were poor in that match

karim4942d ago

You do realise it was a pen and a red card even united fans are saying it

no_more_heroes4942d ago

Man Utd is definitely going to win the league with teams being this generous to them all the time.

karim4942d ago

And refs...Just sayin

ad4mb4942d ago

Or, its because we continue to grind results where as no other team can?...

MasterGuru4942d ago

Oh, come on now... Show some sporting behavior please... It's football for God's sake. You get some, you lose some.

RedDevils4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

wow already? But damn We should Loose that game, 2 penalty should be handed and red card for Nevile, also we also could have a Penalty as well very bad ref

P.s Dear Gary Please Hang up your Boot in the next hour and we United Fan will be very proud and you should start you coaching now!

ohahCantona4942d ago

United was lucky today. But important to win theese matches!

I have a feeling 2011 is gonna be a great year;-)

zico4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I got a feeling, that 2011 is gonna be Arsenals year.....

1. ManU do not playing good away games, Chelsea still need more time to come back in the shape they was early this season, ManC is to much "up and down", the same is Spurs.

2. Arsenal has showed they also can play great and win against the best teams (latest the win against Chelsea)

3. Fabregas and nasri mybe the best duo in the league.

4. Wenger is the best manager in the league.

ohahCantona4942d ago

He is NOT a better manager than Fergeson! How many titles has Wenger? How many titles have Fergeson?

Best duo 2011 is gonna be Rooney/Nani! And I`m gonna laugh of every Arsenalfans in the end of the season when United are winning the league and CL final!

ad4mb4942d ago

lmao zico knows where the titles going, and hes just extremley sad its going to be no19 as united stroll past liverpools 18 :).

Oh and about wenger being better then fergi? dont make me laugh, fergi has won 47 trophies throughout his career (alot being at united) and wengers won around 15 trophies.

zico4942d ago

okay, agrees that Fergeson has taken more titles than Wenger has, and maybe are a better manager if you only count titles, but meant to say that Alex has more resources than wenger has, and Wenger has now built a great winningteam with young talents. And I like manager who building teams like he does, and he also showed us that he is a good tactical manager during the heat of battle.....

And as you know I`m a Pool fan and if I could select I rather want Nasi/Fabregas in my team than Nani/Rooney!

karim4942d ago

Agree with Zico,Wenger don't have any funds to buy players and he did the impossible going through a season without being beaten !

ad4mb4941d ago

one season doesnt make him better, he hasnt won nearly enough to be compared to fergi.

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