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17 Of The Best One Club Men : A Dying Breed Of Loyal Servants

Kiran White Writes : In the football world today it's hard to find a player that stays with one club for his entire career.

In fact its actually a rarity. Players today have become mercenaries seeking out money rather than glory and somehow loyalty has become a thing of the past in the business oriented world that is called football.

The one club man is quickly becoming an extinct species and those who have dedicated their lives to one club and their cause, are deserving of recognition.

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karim3787d ago

Very rare to see young players who will stay at their club forever (Messi is PROPABLY the only execption)

MasterGuru3787d ago

You beat me to it again Karim. Darn it! I hate my CRank!


Messi will probably stay in Barca for life but you forgot the man of the year, Iniesta. He's 25 and he will undoubtedly retire in Barca and then there's Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Pedro. All of them one club men.

karim3787d ago

In 5 years we will see

MasterGuru3787d ago

Yeah, we'll see. But I'm placing my bets on them retiring at Barca.