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Highlights: Liverpool 2-1 Bolton, English Premier League

Highlights: Liverpool 2-1 Bolton, English Premier League
0-1 Davies
1-1 Torres
2-1 Cole

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MasterGuru4941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )

Good win for Liverpool. They needed it.

Maradona4941d ago

yes they really needed this. And home at anfield, we should expect 3 pionts. Wonderful goal by Torres.

Mozilla894940d ago

I thought he was over his injury already I wonder why he hasn't started heating up yet...

karim4941d ago

Joe was offside...But let's consider it as a new year gift for Roy

Maradona4941d ago

the ball came from a Bolton player, so no offside.

FootballZilla4940d ago (Edited 4940d ago )

Yup , should been disallowed goal

Maradona4940d ago

disallowed goal, did you see the clip?

zico4940d ago

Agree with maradona: The ball did NOT come from Rodriguez but a Bolton player.

And Torres goal was a nice one!

RedDevils4940d ago

The goal stood, it's not an offside if you watch it slowly it touch the bolton defender, which by the rule Cole is not offside

ultramoot4940d ago

Vital win, but Roy needs to go. Either now or in the summer. He's not the right man for Liverpool. ONE good performance after every 5 matches is not what LFC should be aiming for.

Maradona4940d ago

agree. But if he leaves in summer, he should not be in charge of buying players in january.

karim4940d ago

Comoli has this job.
And why putting a man who bought Poulsen,Konchesky and Joe Cole in charge of the transfers ?

karim4940d ago

Martin O'neill To Liverpool ?

zico4940d ago

I want Guus Hiddink!

karim4940d ago

Good luck with that,he won't come until 2012

zico4940d ago

Gerrard showed us how important player he is for Liverpool!

...and the suporters was amazing. Backing up the players at a time when they are struggling hard.

You`ll never walk alone.....