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Arsenal's Wojciech Szczesny Blasts Referee And Manchester United On Twitter

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny tweeted his outrage at the referee's decision not to give West Bromwich Albion a penalty in the 2-1 defeat against Manchester United on New Year’s Day.

Gary Neville fouled Graham Dorrans in the box but referee Chris Foy failed to award a penalty in the first half of the game, with the score then standing at 1-1.

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karim4940d ago

I knew it would become news at
At least Wojciech (Darn the spelling) had the guts to speak the truth..

MasterGuru4940d ago

He should mind his own business. I don't see Barca players tweeting every time Real Madrid is awarded a penalty and that happens every week so STFU.

If this Schozniey guy really was experienced in football, he would know by now that the ball is round and it's very unpredictable.

karim4940d ago

You do realize there's something called FREE SPEECH ?
+ He's only 19/20 and he can do what he wants

MasterGuru4940d ago

You mean freedom of speech?

Tell that to Ferguson or Mourinho. How many times have they gotten suspended/fined for believing into this "freedom of speech" crap?

You CANNOT insult a referee. End of.

And using age as an excuse isn't smart either. That's like saying it's okay for a 5 year old kid to murder his mom and he can do what he wants cos he hasn't matured yet.

A 19 year old should be sensible enough to know these things.

karim4940d ago

Read the article...He didn't insult the ref I can even give you what he said from Twitter
"How can you not get frustrated with decitions like that going ALWAYS Man Utds way?! Its a clear pen and sending off!"
+ What Mourinho/Ferguson says are criticizing (and most times insulting) the refs or staff or something like it.
P.S: And you really expect to put a 5 y.o in prison ?

MasterGuru4940d ago (Edited 4940d ago )

Pep Guardiola once said "The referee lied and he knows it" and he was relegated to the stands for improper conduct.

And no, I don't expect a 5 y.o to be put in prison. My point wasn't very clear. What I mean was, you should be able to think of the consequences of your actions.

karim4940d ago (Edited 4940d ago )

The difference is :
Pep blasted the ref
Wojiciech questionned the decision.
BIG difference...
EDIT: + twist his words to new meanings...Just for hits

Nightfallen4940d ago

Sorry MasterGuru, but Karim is right. The title of this article is way off, he didnt exactly "blast" the referee.

MasterGuru4940d ago

"Its a clear pen and sending off!"

That's questioning alright. Noticed "!"??

Pep blasted the referee in what way may I ask? He did not speak in a high tone when he said that. His face was normal as usual. He didn't say it in a "blasting" manner and he's even speaking the truth. Even video replays show that it is as clear as black and white. The referee lied in his match report and he knows it.

What Schecysny tweeted clearly looked like he was outraged at the ref's decision and let me tell you something, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and there is no such thing as a clear penalty. No such thing because these big decisions depend on the referee. Sometimes a tackle from the back inside the penalty area isn't called. Sometimes just giving a striker small contact in the box is a penalty. Sometimes giving a player a kungfu kick is a yellow card. Sometimes giving a player a kungfu kick is a red card.

No such thing as "clear" fouls either.

Schnonsy is a hypocrite. If he was playing for Manchester United, he wouldn't have said such things, wouldn't he?

It's very hard to find someone who's not a hypocrite nowadays.

MasterGuru4940d ago (Edited 4940d ago )


How do you define "blasting"?


I know how is. They have a bad reputation for overreacting with the main intention of getting more traffic but that still doesn't change the fact that Schnsyhsy is a damn hypocrite.

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karim4940d ago

@MG Yes you're right,Pep didn't "blast" him but tell that to SFA.There's a difference between being outraged by a stupid decision or "blasting" a ref....Here's an example
Being outraged by a decision... "This should have been a red and a clear pen"
Blasting a ref : "This is an incopetent ref,my granny would have given the call,in my opinion he should never referee a match again" <= Now you know what he did wasn't that bad.

Mozilla894940d ago

No Barca players don't talk about any penalties Real Madrid get. They're too busy tapping up former academy graduates on other teams.

no_more_heroes4940d ago

First Cesc, now Chezza. Easy with the tweets, guys! Keep bashing referees at this rate and FIFA might actually notice.

rafay4940d ago

This little kid got balls!! And yeah easy on the tweeting...

karim4940d ago

On Twitter,he was a hero (For all the other teams) and a Villain (for United fans)...But he do have guts ;)

Senden4940d ago

I bet Wenger won't be happy with him. You don't spend your time focusing on what other teams are doing, you focus on what you and your team are doing.. especially when you're on the fringes of getting more first team chances.