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Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho Named 'Man Of The Year' By Prestigious Italian Sportpaper

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has been named the 'Man of the Year 2010' by respected Italian sport spaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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karim4946d ago

Deserves it ! Coach of the year IMO

ohahCantona4946d ago

He was really lucky with Inter in the CL!

He will not be "manager of the year" in 2011... because he will not win anything for Real this year. I think Barca are to strong, and he will not make the same sucssess in CL as he did with Inter. You have to be good and lucky to win CL, and he can`t be lucky two years in a row.

4946d ago
MasterGuru4945d ago

Man of the Year?????????????????? REALLY???????????? They must have forgotten the thrashing he got...