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Highlights: Barcelona 2-1 Levante (Spanish Primera Division)

Pedro 47'
Pedro 59'
Christian Stuani 80'

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MasterGuru4939d ago

Great win for Barca considering the fact that they were Messi-less.

sokrates4939d ago

:) They had to win. Considering the team they have without Messi...! Amazing squad.

MasterGuru4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

Levante Vs Real was different. Levante Vs Barca, very predictable.

When a team faces Real, they are given chances to attack hence, they gamble that chance and when they fail, they get countered by Ozil, Di Maria and Ronaldo.

But when a team faces Barca, they sit back, and wait. In an average game, Barca holds 80% possession, while the other team does basically nothing. Even when they counter Barca, they counter with 2 men.

I hate these kind of games. I can't really take it. This is exactly how the World Cup panned out for Spain. Everyone sat back and defend while Spain controls the game and if they are unable to score, haters will start calling Spain "a boring team" when as a matter of fact, the only thing boring was the stupid 100% defending by the opposing side.

9 men behind the ball trying to fend off a counter to a winger who tries to cross it to a tall striker.

Damn, it's predictable. I wish teams played like this against Real Madrid. Let's see how they take it.

Maradona4939d ago

I hope Bojan could play more soon, or i would like to see him play for Liverpool.

MasterGuru4939d ago

Bojan DID play, he flopped. End of.

Maradona4939d ago

he played now yes, but not enough to be that good.

MasterGuru4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

He is a very good striker with instinct for goal but he should be more like Rául or Etó. He needs to learn how to poach. How to be at the right place at the right time.

And his first touch is as good as my grandma's and that's an understatement.

But yeah, had Rijkaard not promoted him too early, he would have been very very good now.

I think he and Balotelli are on the same level with each having their own advantages though the honest part of me tells me that Balotelli is a tiny bit better.

KingsCross4939d ago

He nees to play to improve. You cant just give him the chance once in a while and expect miracles. He should get the chances more often or be sold to a club that would use him: NOT LIVERPOOL!

MasterGuru4939d ago

Whatever. I don't want to sell him if it was up to me. Villa is 30 this year! 3 more years and he is as good as me.

We NEED Bojan and he needs patience. Xavi and Iniesta were patient and they are now rewarded. Unlike that certain player....*coughs*...Cesc...*c oughs*....

RedDevils4939d ago

Chelsea should just buy Bojan :P

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pwneddemocrat4939d ago

for some odd reason i really hate Pedro

anyways, lovely win for Barca