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Carlo Ancelotti insists Chelsea need new players after disappointing Aston Villa draw

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has admitted he will need new players in a bid to keep pace with the top teams in the Premier League.

The Italian saw his side draw 3-3 with Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, after Ciaran Clark’s late header nullified John Terry’s goal moments before stoppage time.

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Messishow4949d ago

How can a team that play that well in the first matches, say that they need more players. Maybe there are some other problems?

presto7174949d ago (Edited 4949d ago )

Chelsea's first squad is respectable, but the squad lacks depth so they struggle to find good replacements. I hope they remained plagued with injuries for the remainder of the season

-Mezzo-4948d ago

What Karim said, or some other controversy is going on behind scenes.

RedDevils4948d ago

@presto717 WTF man? Why would you wish injuries upon others, grow the fuck up!

karim4949d ago

Hmmm...Offload Ferreira,buy a decent right winger,creative midfielder and a young striker and all of our problems might be solved.
P:S: We don't need a new central back Bruma showed us he's a great young defender.Maybe a right back.

MrTiago4949d ago

Do they have enough money though?

karim4949d ago

I think 20M is enough

MrTiago4949d ago

20Million for 3 Good Players?

MasterGuru4949d ago

20 million should be enough to buy Bojan's left leg.

RedDevils4948d ago

So you implying we should go out and chop his leg off? :P

-Mezzo-4948d ago

20Million, its so easy to say.

zico4949d ago

"Ancelotti insists Chelsea need new players"...or do they have a good enough manager?

He is responsibility for Chelseas injuryproblems, and the result (that not are good enough). He can`t just blame injurys, bad luck, not big enough squad and so on....

The question is: Is he the right man for Chelsea?

Redempteur4949d ago

you mean , for allowing drogba to play while being sick ?

i 300% agree

Mozilla894949d ago

This is a coach who's won trophies as a player, as a coach at AC Milan and did the double with Chelsea in his first season in a new league. He didn't suddenly become a bad coach in the span of 6-7 weeks.

Our squad is old, small, and we've had many injuries. I think this is the result of off loading so many players in the summer and not replacing them.

Anderson84948d ago

agreed, last year fans said he was as good as mourinho 3months ago he was better.. and now after 2months he's not good enough?... no wonder managers don't last long.. ray wilkins never should have been sacked thats when it all started going wrong... but as a united fan im not complaining

karim4948d ago

You mean the coach who won the double in his first season with Chelsea ? NOO He's definitely a bad manager and we should sell him *sarcasm*

zico4948d ago

everybody can be a good coaches in good times. It is only when they encounter adversity, we see which coaches who are good enough to turn a situation like this... and my question is: Is he good enough to turn this adversity?

karim4948d ago

If you say that means Wenger is the WORST COACH EVER.
When Arsenal players get injured they look a different team and lose but this year it's not the case.
When Ferguson lost Rooney they were doomed.
And Chelsea this season have lost : Alex,Terry,Lampard,Drogba (Malaria),Zhirkov,Benayoun ANY TEAM in the world would suffer if theese players get injured

RedDevils4948d ago

LOL Zico your comment are just *facepalm*

Ancelotti make Chelsea scoring tally higher than all of Chelsea previous coaches, now that saying something about his achievement, the only thing I can see him making errors is not finding a replacement for Carvalho, or making the right sub during the match other than that he done almost everything right or ask for, it's the players that need to step up their game

-Mezzo-4948d ago

Having more players will only do good.

MasterGuru4948d ago

It can disrupt the team's morale. If a player doesn't play, then he'll complain and that could prove to be costly. Furthermore, more players = more wages. So having more players isn't always better.

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