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Guardiola: “Fair result and I’m satisfied”

“We wanted to win [this match] for him. He works like it is a crusade for him. He’s 30 and has now played 549 games. I spent many years here, played some 300 games, and that seemed a lot. His is just outrages. If his hamstrings hold up, I think he can reach the 700 mark, and it just shows what a great player he is … it is a big day in this club’s history,” said Guardiola, of the present the team gave Xavi Hernandez last night.

Despite the one-goal winning margin, Guardiola entered the press room a smiling satisfied man, “I was very concerned about this game, and am pleased with the commitment shown by everyone, and in the way they conduct themselves. It is never easy to play just after a holiday break. Levante is a very disciplined and praiseworthy side that it’s only because of my players’ individual superiority and the early [second half] goal that tips the balance in our favour.”

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