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World Football: Wesley Sneijder, the Victim of a Barcelona-Biased World

BR: Some days from now FIFA will declare who they thought was the best player in the world, and schockingly, FIFA and France Football nominated three Barça players:

Iniesta, Xavi and Messi.

All three have enjoyed great success in recent years, but if we consider that this trophy is awarded to the best player of the year, I'd doubt if many fans would actually agree on this short list.

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MasterGuru4944d ago

It's not FIFA and France Football who chooses. It's the sports journalists, national team coaches and captains. These ignorant b@stards asking for Sneijder to win the Balon D'Or clearly doesn't know how the system works. They (haters) think they're smarter than professional sports journalists and people who're within the game (national team coaches and captains).