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Arsenal tell Barcelona they need £45M to land Cesc

Arsenal have told Barcelona they can sign Cesc Fabregas in 2011 for £45 million.

Sport says sources close to the Gunners have stated the price has been set for Barca to bring the midfielder back home in the summer.

And it's also suggested that any move from Jose Mourinho to take Cesc to Real Madrid will be a non-starter as the player has a verbal pact to only return to Spain with Barca.

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MasterGuru4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

How can Arsenal expect Barca to pay 45 million for what Barca made?


I'm joking btw.

zico4943d ago

Barca will pay whatever they must do to get him next season. And I`m pretty sure he will go!

MasterGuru4943d ago

LOL. You didn't realize we changed presidents... Our new president, Mr Sandro Rosell is a very very cheap guy.

zico4943d ago

all Barca fans expect that the club buys him! He does not want to be unpopular by their own

MasterGuru4943d ago

"We are in fuc*ing recession."

He can tell that to the fans and we'll have no choice but to believe him.

karim4943d ago

With their's practically impossible to get him

-Mezzo-4943d ago

Agreed. as of now it seems highly unlikely for them to get him.

MasterGuru4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

I noticed the word "practically".

It's not impossible. If Arsenal wins nothing yet again this year, it might just be impossible for him to stay.

Anyway, we make more than 400 million Euros a year (the first football club to reach that kind of numbers) so I don't think getting him will be a problem as long as we don't go on a spending spree.

Madrid are in bigger debt than us but they're still buying players. They still pay high wages. How? Because we make a lot of money. More money then any EPL team.

karim4942d ago

Agree...But remember the new fair spending FIFA regulations that can hinder the deal.