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World Football: The Top 25 Players of 2010

2010 has been a very special year for football, and can be summed up in one word; historic.

Top of the list has to be Spain winning their first ever World Cup trophy at the first ever World Cup on African soil. This summer’s tournament in South Africa was a memorable time for so many reasons, but Spain’s victory, to go along with the European Championship victory of 2008, makes this Spanish squad a team for the ages.

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FootballZilla3784d ago

1- Sneijder
2- Xavi
3- Forlan

MasterGuru3784d ago

Oh, nothing...

*laughs again*

FootballZilla3784d ago

Seriously why.
Cuz of the players i picked?

MasterGuru3784d ago

Yeah, that's exactly why. Anyway, I'm out.

FootballZilla3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Did you even watch last years Champs League cuz if you did then you know why sneijder is there, did you watch Europa League if you did then you know why forlan is there.
Did you watch the world cup cuz if you did then you know why there all there because they were all class for there national team.

MasterGuru3783d ago

You don't need to perform for your national team in order to make the list. And the writer of this article clearly disagrees with your list.

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rafay3783d ago

Notice how few EPL players make it to the list.

Reason? Tougher competition?

MasterGuru3783d ago

LOL... I love it when Premfaces use that excuse... it cracks me up!

presto7173783d ago

As a matter of fact yes. You think that midget messi would be running all over the place if he was in the EPL? He dare not go to England. A team like Stoke city would shut him down, rough him up and send him out on a stretcher. Same can be said of many spanish players on that list...

FootballZilla3783d ago

Lol for you question.. yes messi would be running all over the place in epl, you retarded? stoke city lol..

presto7173783d ago

Sorry dude. but you dont know sh*t about football. **** off

topdawg1223783d ago

You mean how United shut him down in the Champions league final in 09? Right, right.....

This "midget" even scored a header over Van Der Sar lol.
Messi is one of the greatest of all time and for you to deny that is incredibly ignorant.

Samus HD3783d ago

xavi and iniesta are upper than ronaldo :O - is this a joke.
i thoght ronlado would be in 2nd or 1st place

pwneddemocrat3783d ago

Ronaldo is shiit this year.

Great list but Xavi should be number 1
he won the world cup and is the mastermind behind Barca

anyways, to that who said Messi wont do anything in EPL.. that's just absurd
EPL in 2010 = nothing
Italians got CL
Spanish got EL
so ... i guess EPL are just too good that they dont win any european tournaments just their own...

topdawg1223783d ago

You mean Ronaldo with 19 goals so far this season and leader of La Liga? He's not been sh*t at all. You can hate the player, but don't hate his game.

pwneddemocrat3783d ago

you seem to forget that this year there was the CL and the World Cup also...

anyways, he's doing ok in CL but in the world cup.. that was a shame, he dont deserve Figo's number