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Ranking the Top 10 Strikers in World Football: Messi, Eto'o, Tevez, Villa...

Ranking the top 10 strikers in the world is always a difficult task. You can include 10 of the best players on Earth, but you'll always leave out a terrific striker.

Then there's the question of what makes a striker one of the best. Goals and assists are no brainers, but is it numbers or quality which truly determines a great striker?

Edinson Cavani and Andy Carroll have been impressive this season, but can these youngsters really be considered the top of the pack.

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FootballZilla4942d ago

Since when is messi a striker? lol

ad4mb4942d ago

Ronaldo's more of a striker and hes not made the list, but id class both as wingers

MasterGuru4941d ago

I'd class both as false number 9s. They're not strikers, they're not wingers. They fill out just behind the striker.

sokrates4942d ago

Really stupid list made by immatures! You cant leave Rooney out: No matter what!

FootballZilla4942d ago

lol just noticed that, you cant leave rooney in any list. lol poeple think that his not trying anymore if you watch the games is running all the tie chasing the ball dropping back, passing he might not be goal form but still important player

MasterGuru4941d ago

He scored 2 open goals in the span of 8 months. He's still good. He still drop backs and defend and that's what a striker needs to do. If you don't score more than 5 goals in 8 months, you need to make up for it by dropping back and the manager will surely be content with your performance.


RedDevils4941d ago

@MasterGuru ask Torres, what the f he do all game if he can't score goal, waiting for it to come, for Rooney he might not score but he contribute to the team, such as during the build up, track back, assist other player to score, i.e. creating chances