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ad4mb3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

This was just the icing on top of a very sweet cake, great results tonight.


the penalty is my favorite highlight

ohahCantona3913d ago

Liverpool do not worry, you have Blackpool on goal difference;-)

sokrates3913d ago

Next year you can watch Liverpool win matches!!! In the championship:)

FootballZilla3913d ago

Imagine if they actually go down lol

KingsCross3913d ago

It feels impossible, put the table tells the truth. I am not sure if I would like it.

zico3913d ago

They will not! I`m pretty sure!

ohahCantona3913d ago

Then they will be the new Leeds United

FootballZilla3913d ago

atleast i think they will come back up

zico3913d ago

New manager is soon coming!

maybe Daglish and Lee taking over to the end of the season, just to give Liverpool a little time to get a new permanelty manager

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The story is too old to be commented.