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Highlights: Arsenal 0 – 0 Manchester City (English Premier League - 1/5/11)

0-0 Zabaletta (red card) 90'
0-0 Sagna (red card) 90'

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sokrates4936d ago

Shit! This is getting better and better. United just do their job and the rest fails! What a waste of money in the other clubs... LOL

MasterGuru4936d ago

Arsenal dominated the match. Unlucky to have not won. Don't get so over yourself. It's not yet over.

no_more_heroes4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

wasn't a red card for either player, all they did was touch heads, not even a head-butt, but the alt source headline says it all.

MasterGuru4936d ago

Arsenal deserved to win! As much as I want United to win the EPL, I have to say, Arsenal was robbed last night. Their strikers were failures in front of goal especially Walcott and RvP. How many times did they hit the post again? 3, 4?

ad4mb4936d ago

And the winner is... Manchester United.


RedDevils4936d ago

Hahahah Great Match. NOT! Bus City, should never buy striker why the f would they keeping buying strikers when all they do is defense

MasterGuru4936d ago

They're starting to play really boring now.

Shadow Flare4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Boring boring city

They didn't even have one shot on target. Arsenal were so unlucky not to win this. Hit the post like 3 times, they dominated. With a team that probably cost less then a fifth of what man city's team cost

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