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Cesc Fabregas: Will He Remain At Arsenal Or Will He Go To La Liga?

The January Transfer Window has Jose Mourinho looking for players to replace Higuain who is out for the rest of Real Madrid's Season.

The latest news or rumor has him pleading with Cesc Fabregas to leave Arsenal and go to Real Madrid. The issue is that Fabregas supposedly has a verbal contract to return to FC Barcelona (also known as La Barca)

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MasterGuru4238d ago

Hopefully he goes to Barca

MaximusPrime4238d ago

He'll remain at Arsenal. Despite a goalless draw last night, Arsenal are still on top form.

Vherostar4238d ago

Agreed they are but does he really want to stay at a team that probably won't wanna win anything for another 5 years? Also Arsenal have a tendancy to sell there players at a certain age no matter how great they are they did it with Henry and with Adebeyor (only 1 year after he was there player of the year).

At the end of the day Arsenal is more of a money machine these days to please the shareholders rather than a football team. I mean if they win something great! But making money is more important to the owners.

rafay4237d ago

The players who have been leaving Arsenal have been regretting it. Adebayor's career finished when he walked out of the Emirates. Helb has said that he should not have gone to Barca and stuck with Arsenal. And now rumors are that Nasri is going to sign a long term contract and not go to Barca either.

This is going to happen less and less now I think. But keeping Fabregas is a whole other thing. Barca fan look at the Arsenal as kidnappers...