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Carlo, Roy and Gerard on the Brink. But Who Can Replace Them?

The Premier League table has some teams in very unusual positions.

And the results tonight have go a long way to proving that these league standings are not necessarily going to be easy to change.

Where the headlines will focus on Chelsea being outside of the top four there are even bigger stories in where both Liverpool and Aston Villa find themselves.

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FootballZilla4241d ago

Carlo and Roy will be goone in about 1-2week i think

no_more_heroes4241d ago

I honestly think Liverpool should try for Rikjaard, if Chelsea don't pick him up first.

FootballZilla4241d ago

thats good one. For me Hidink would be class for any but he isnt going to go.

MasterGuru4240d ago

Carlo should be replaced by none other than the one who assisted the "Special One" in last year's semi-final. His name? Olegário Benquerença. Roy should be replaced by the one and only Ryan Giggs. I hope Ryan manages Liverpool. He's the perfect match for them!