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FC Barcelona: How Lionel Messi and Co. Will Rip Arsenal To Shreds

BR: First of all, neither the story idea nor the headline are the offspring of my creativity. As a Featured Columnist you are required to do assignments, well this was mine. Still, I had the choice to turn it down but chose not to. I think I can do a fairly good job without being über-partisan. But I assume the majority of Gooners will take offense to my little exercise in writing anyway. I guess I can’t please all. Not that I have ever intended to please anyone.

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MasterGuru4716d ago

I agree with everything in this article. To SHREDS.

ad4mb4716d ago

I must admit, I would fucking love it if arsenal beat barca, just to see your sour reaction. But its not gonna happen so nvm lol.

MasterGuru4715d ago


I won't be sour. If it wasn't blatantly the referee's fault (Inter vs Barca), I promise you, I won't complain.

But yeah, it wouldn't happen anyway.

Mozilla894716d ago

I think on their day Arsenal can beat anyone, even Barcelona. I mean with a half fit Fabregas they managed to draw. And lets not forget that Gallas, Van Persie, Fabregas, and Song were all out for the second leg.

That being said, it's still a tall order for them.

MasterGuru4715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

Arsenal on their day can beat Barcelona. That's true. But what happens when Barcelona is also "on their day"? We'll thrash them. You know it, I know it.

rafay4716d ago

It will be a far closer match this time I think.

Shadow Flare4715d ago

Arsenal are getting better and better. They're going to give barcalona a better match this time. And we actually have a fit squad this year