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Arsenal: Hleb Realizes His Error, and Samir Nasri's Success Will Only Rub It in

BR: It was sad to see Alexander Hleb giving that interview after the Arsenal game, and he was unsurprisingly criticized by Birmingham supporters who expect better performances from the tricky player.

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rafay4938d ago

I think Henry would say the same thing. And I think if Fabregas leaves, he'll say the same in a couple of years.

MasterGuru4937d ago

C'mon now. Fabregas would fit in perfectly at Barca whether you like it or not.

rafay4937d ago

I just think he won't get in with Xavi and Iniesta there, not to mention Messi. He'll become a second half sub. Right now he's the captain of one of the top clubs; it's going to be a big step down.

But yeah, if there's one club for him, its Barca!