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Copa America: Time to Rise From The Ashes and Claim Argentina's Glory

BR: New year has started and by now hopefully everyone has moved on from the debacle of WC 2010. Its time to rise again, its time to shine again and take Argentina football to where it once was.

As one would have noticed by watching Barcelona and Spain, paradise is not formed over night, it takes months if not years but one has to be patient, Maradona's regime as a manager even though a failure did show us some important pointers about the team.

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MasterGuru4936d ago

I hope Messi takes this cup home to Argentina. He's been doing well for Barcelona and Argentina after the "disappointing" World Cup.

Scored 2 goals in 2 games for Argentina. 1 solo effort against Brazil and 1 more against World Champions Spain. What more could you ask for?