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Highlights: Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Barcelona (Copa Del Rey)

0-1 Eric Abidal 75'
1-1 Fernando Llorente 85'

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MasterGuru4941d ago

Great performance by the team. Unfortunately, the scoreline, as usual, doesn't tell half the story.

MasterGuru4941d ago

And I'm really disappointed with Villa. He missed too many chances.

Also am very disappointed at Pep for subbing off a centre back who was having a great game with someone who just recovered from an injury and that cost us a dear goal.

Hapoel4941d ago

Don't think Villa has fully adapted yet and it's not Pep's fault if a player makes a mistake. How is he supposed to know that was going to happen? He's no psychic, only human.

Hapoel4941d ago

I watched this game last night. It was fairly even in my opinion with more chances going Barcelona's way. Barcelona didn't look as sharp as they used to. The crowd were very hostile every time Barcelona got the ball. Amazing audience from everyone in San mames!

MasterGuru4941d ago

I noticed the crowd's noises too. Passionate people there in Bilbao...

God_Of_Epicness4941d ago

Great performance from Barca! Chelsea please take your notes out and learn. I can't believe we lost the match last night! I'm still disappointed.

MasterGuru4941d ago

Chillax dude. Chelsea will bounce back soon.