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Dead men walking

GERARD HOULLIER, Avram Grant, Roy Hodsgon and Carlo Ancelotti are all dead men walking this morning.
Dire defeats for Aston Villa, West Ham, Liverpool and Chelsea last night could be the final straw for success-hungry Premier League owners as the clubs' miserable seasons go from bad to worse.

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MasterGuru4241d ago

Roy needs to be shown the door!

TheJack4241d ago

Agree. Not only him. Love Torres, but I think they have to sell him.

Mozilla894240d ago

Any reasons you feel they should sell him?

rafay4240d ago

Liverpool are destroying Torres! They should get a long ball specialist, not someone like Torres.

karim4241d ago

I still support Carlo and I will ALWAYS Support him no matter what the results are.

ad4mb4241d ago

Lol, cant see 90% of fans thinking that if this run continues much longer.

karim4241d ago

Go to 1000+ Chelsea fans are tweeting #SupportCarlo Trending Topics....Those are loyal fans.
Win or Lose,Up the blues.

ad4mb4241d ago

yeh, maybe now. But if this run continues which probably wont happen tbh. Alot of people will change their opinions. Look at roy at liverpool :).

Mozilla894240d ago

I'm not sure you can compare the two. Liverpool fans have never really been behind Roy. I think the general feeling was that he wasn't big enough for the club.

Carlo had and still has the backing of the majority of fans after almost 2 months of this madness.